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IRRÉVERSIBLE (2002) by Gasper Noé

It was easy for me to expect this Gasper Noé's piece would be somewhat disturbing since I've watched "I Stand Alone" before. I was right. This movie is extremely violent. You need to be cautious if you decide to watch it. Rape, murder, revenge, homosexuality, S&M, every dark side of human desire is shown vividly without hesitation. This scene (!!! Warning !!!) is especially famous for its cruelty. On the contrary to the subject matter, it has an unique upside-down story line which is supposed to be called "non-liner narrative" with raw camera work that would probably make you focus on what is really going on in the story. On the top of all, I thought all cast members did excellent performances in this film. The way they act is so raw, I was immediately drawn into the story from the beginning.

Even though this movie is categorized as a "thriller", I think it could be a "horror" because of its' ferocious visual presentation. Again, This movie is extremely graphic. You need to be cautious if you will watch it.

久々にガツンとヤられた、、、これはすごい映画です。覚悟して観ないと大抵の人は最初の45分でテレビを消すはず。”I Stand Alone”と同じ監督なので薄々予想していましたが、まさかここ(!!! Warning !!!)までやってくれるとは思っていませんでした。



ALTERED STATES (1980) by Ken Russell

A journey to the nature of human brain with the help of drug usage and self experiment (haha). This movie is very technical and nerdy at the beginning but the best part is the last half. I personally liked colorful and organic visual explanation of hallucinative brain reaction. Maybe the consequence of this movie would happen if you can fully play with your brain someday.


MIDNIGHT COWBOY (1969) by John Schlesinger

Even though it was filmed in 1969, this movie still looks fresh and sharp. Maybe it's because of New York City as the location, or the story being simple enough to follow. It's about a guy from the South surviving as a hustler in the filthy, poor, rotten city. I will never forget Dustin Hoffman's stunning performance, especially in the ending when they finally decide to escape from the city.


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