CMWC 2009

Just registered! Psychhhhhed! 友達も何人か出場するみたいです。押忍!



It's also in my web site.

Web Update

Just updated part of my web site. I worked on graphics on the iDiom 09 collection.



He drew eyes on a freight train.


Bridge Battle 5

Don't ask me what happened...read the red writing on the manifest. Damn.


Movie in Time

This Saturday

I haven't been in alley cat race for a long time since my wrist surgery but finally I feel I can race again. I'm pretty psyched about this one. Though I'm still debating whether I should do it with my road bike or fixed gear bike. I know there will be lots of climbing hills....mmm...tough decision to make.


Blues Explosion

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion from hafeez raji on Vimeo.

I went to see one of my favorite bands, Blues Explosion last night at Bicycle Film festival's first day kick-off. I've been listening their music for a long time and finally I got to see them play live! I have to say, they are so rad! True rock n' roll! They played most of the songs from the album "Damage", even one of my favorite, "She Said" from the album "Plastic Fungs". Their songs are just one big drive. I couldn't stop banging my head throughout. I was observing their stage set as well and noticed Jon and Judah's guitar amplifiers were so small. Even Russell's drum kit was just a snare, a bass, a floor tom, a hi hat, and a ride cynbal. I couldn't believe that they make such a groove out of those simplest set up. The other cool thing was Jon used theremin at last couple of songs and it was surprisingly a perfect fit for their music.

The whole night got me thinking about playing drums again. Ahhh!!!


BO People & Hanging Coffin

懸崖葬(けんがいそう:きりたった崖の中腹に棺を葬る事)を行っていたボウ人。棘(とげ)の下に人と書いて一字でボウ。約400年前に民族は一人残らず虐殺されたそう。社会からはじかれた民族だったのか、または自発的にそうしていたのか、、何か不思議で怪しい、、、for more research and pict, go HERE.


Shoe Box

I worked on this shoe box.

曲者 T

Ready to go. Size M & L, BLK $8, WHT $7

Shoes in Time

These shoes are perfect for bike riding and I usually wear them until they fall apart.


The modern Noah's Ark

I came across some interesting information about The modern "Noah's Ark" in Norway, which was developed and built by Bill Gates with the Rockefeller foundation. According to a blog I visited, they are collecting seeds of crops, fruits, and probably (human and animal) frozen fertilized eggs.

There is so much suspicious information everywhere these days which is probably made for controlling humans at unconscious stage. It doesn't look like they are fooling around considering the amount of seeds (over 100 million) and low temperature (4 degrees below 0 F) they will be preserved at. It looks perfect to keep or hide the root of the planet earth, and on top of that, I found lots of articles about it all over the internet. It's almost like they are getting ready for the dooms day...