I Post Fliers

Maybe I should ask this guy to post up a 10 ' x 8' wheat paste flyer on the side of a building at Broadway and Houston.

10 ' x 8'のデカいフライヤーをブロードウェイとハウストン辺りのビルの横壁に御願いしようかなぁ。
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T Shirt

友達のアレックスのアートショーの一環として、またT Shirt 作りました。木端微塵乃街って漢字で書いてあります。写真を横にすると読めるはず。黒のみ。サイズM、L、XL。$35。欲しい人は連絡下さい。

I designed a T shirt as a part of my friend Alex's art show. It says "Smashed Town" in kanji letters. Black Only. Size M, L, XL. $35. Contact me if you want one.

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BFF 2010 alley cat race

I took 7th, could've took 6th. Kennedy said it's always same problems but in different colors....but could I be that open minded?


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Great idea! It's amazing that he could get it back too.
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Lucas Brunelle: Line of Sight

Rumor says he filmed me falling at Red Hook Crit, meaning I will be laughing at myself on the silver screen at BFF. Check out crazy videos he has been shooting.

この人色んなレースで見かける。彼の映像観てると興奮するなぁー。本当にレースしてる気分になれる。今年のRed Hook Crit でどうやら俺がコケた瞬間をバッチリ撮っていたらしく、BFFで銀幕デビューします!
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Road Bike Stunt

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Barefoot race at velodrome
A golf club cane
Non-Wallet people
Squirrel nest in a fire escape flower pod
A drummer's status is owning a ban
Coins weight different

$1 bill = 0.035 oz

An empty convenience store

Guerrilla Planting

4,000 employee

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663 ft. Free Fall

Free Fall, a short film directed by the World champion free-diver Guillaume Nery and the french champion Julie Gautier. It was shot at Dean's Blue Hole in a bay west of Clarence Town on Long Island, Bahamas. It's documented to be the deepest (663 ft) blue hole in the world. Filmed by Julie Gautier with a canon 5D mark II.


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Harrier Crash

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A giant sinkhole "Hundimiento" appeared in zone 2 of Guatemala city after overwhelming saturation of rains from tropical storm "Agatha". These happen from time to time on unstable geology during major storms. Guatemala is in a state of crisis today after twin natural calamities struck.

5.27 - The Pacaya volcano eruption.
5.29 - The tropical storm "Agatha" struck.

30,000 refugees
120,000 evacuated
93 dead
numbers are still rising.

Donate and help the victims through any organizations that you feel comfortable with.
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