NYPD officer Patrick Pogan

NYPD Officer Patrick Pogan. UNBELIEVABLE...




It's just so beautiful.




I got a copy of Chicken Gravy's 2nd album "JOYRIDE". A perfect tune for a muggy summer morning. They seem to go to Japan Tour soon. I wish I could be there with them. I'm missing summer time in Japan, cicada, matsuri and all.....


2nd fork




Almost got killed by an U-turn last week. I am not even sure if they actually had a drivers license. Unbelievably horrible driving technique. I asked to make a police report when the police arrived at the scene. Then he goes

"cannot make one because you guys are both illegal." 

what? I totally didn't know what to say. Aren't they the only one who could issue the report? Who can I ask then? and then both of them start leaving the scene as if they don't want to get involve anymore....what a horrible way to treat cyclist. Unbelievable. 


Chicken Gravy

So tired and sleepy....didn't get much sleep last night because I was drinking till 1 at Spike Hill on Bedford ave. Chicken Gravy's new songs were the reason we hung out a little later than usual. They sound soulful, melancholic, and jumpy. I can not wait to listen their up-coming 2nd album "JOYRIDE" which I worked on logo & type. It's the kind of music that you actually feel right to touch their sounds on CD and its package.
Above all, every sunday night should contain a classic italian horror movie with simple tomato sauce pasta. So I can show up at the 9:30 meeting next day with an aggressive mind.....

あー疲れた。チキングレービーのノリノリな曲のせいにはしないけれど、日曜の夜なのについつい飲み過ぎてしまった。彼らの2nd album "JOYRIDE"がもうすぐリリース。デザインにまた参加させてもらった。早く実物が見てみたい。