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Demons - Infinity Mirror

As the first post of the new year, this is clearly a bad omen but still I think it's an interesting idea..
新年一発目のポストとしてかなり縁起が悪い気がしますが、 オモロい事してるので載せます。




François Pervis, the French Samurai

A great documentary.


蛋民 - Tanka People

I go to this authentic Indian (only a guess cuz I see lots of Indian people there) curry spot 3-4 times a week for lunch. There are usually 7 different curries to choose from and some fried sides and snacks. A big bowl of basmati rice with 3 curries on top is $6. People who work there see me often, so they know what I want. As soon as I open the door, they just ask me "What's your numbers?" and I tell them the item numbers depending on how I feel that day. I always include No.2 which is pureed spinach curry.

Anyway, as I finished ordering food and paying the cashier today, the boss guy, who is always there, starts talking to me.

"Ahhh I know what you do now!"

He must think I'm such a weirdo who comes there almost everyday, and we haven't been introduced to each other yet. He keeps chatting with me.

"You are one of those poor homeless people lives on a boat!"

His offensive guess put me in sudden shock and made me speechless. I had no idea why he said such a thing, knowing I support them more than their usual customers. The easiest sentence I was able to squeeze out of my mouth was,

"Ummm…. Do I look poor?"

"No No No!! You know those people live on boats in Indoneasia and China?"

"Umm….. yeah?"

"You are that! You do that!"

"Umm….. Why are you telling me this?"

His intention might be something different, but finally he seemed to realize he said something offensive to one of his loyal customers, and he tried to ditch that conversation.

"Ok Ok Ok see you tomorrow!"

"Ok… see you…"

This conversation pushed me into a cultural sinkhole and I still have no idea why he said that to me.
However I went back to my office and as I microwave the food, I googled the boat people. They are called "Tanka People" and it seems to be considered racial discrimination in China. But the biggest question here is….. who knows??










”オーケーオーケー シーユートゥモロー!!”