A Happy New Year

BIRDY (1984)



謹賀新年 2010年 あけましておめでとう!今年もよろしくおねがいします!

Just watched three Alan Parker films over the new years holiday. It all happened coincidentally, and I cannot ignore this strange connection. I knew Birdy and Midnight Express was shot by Alan Parker, but Pink Floyd's The Wall just came out of nowhere. I wasn't really planningto see it.

It's already the fifth day of the new year and it's "2010" this year. These four digits confuse me in a weird way because it maybe remind me of some sci-fi films. Although I haven't seen any replicants, nor flying cars so far, it is 2010 now. Clock is just ticking.

Anyway, I came up with three new years resolutions last year and ended up achieving only two of them, so I made only one this year. It's the tallest, thickest wall stopping me for a long time but I feel like I will conquer it this year finally.

A happy new years to my friends and I wish this year will be the greatest for all of you!

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