Blues Explosion

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion from hafeez raji on Vimeo.

I went to see one of my favorite bands, Blues Explosion last night at Bicycle Film festival's first day kick-off. I've been listening their music for a long time and finally I got to see them play live! I have to say, they are so rad! True rock n' roll! They played most of the songs from the album "Damage", even one of my favorite, "She Said" from the album "Plastic Fungs". Their songs are just one big drive. I couldn't stop banging my head throughout. I was observing their stage set as well and noticed Jon and Judah's guitar amplifiers were so small. Even Russell's drum kit was just a snare, a bass, a floor tom, a hi hat, and a ride cynbal. I couldn't believe that they make such a groove out of those simplest set up. The other cool thing was Jon used theremin at last couple of songs and it was surprisingly a perfect fit for their music.

The whole night got me thinking about playing drums again. Ahhh!!!

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