Movie in Time

I watched it last night. It's not an "one of the best" movie but I liked it. Me and my wife had an interesting conversation after and it goes something like this...

Me - "America still has a big problem with racism...what do you think about this?"

KDM - "There are things that need to be overcome and I admire how Black people unite for that purpose."

Me - "How about white people?"

KDM - "We don't have as many things to overcome."

Me - "How about Japanese people?"

KDM - "You guys don't blend."

I kinda satisfied with this conversation because I can see actual problems here everyday and she was right that I'd have been missing all of this if I still live in Japan.


俺 ”アメリカの人種問題ヒドいよね。どう思う?”

KDM ”問題があって、それに向かって団結できる黒人達を羨ましく思う。”

俺 ”君等白人は?”

KDM ”団結すべき問題が無い。”

俺 ”日本人は?”

KDM ”そこまで混ざってないよね。”

妙に納得しちゃうのは、日本に住んでいたら日常で差別はそんな見ないし、いつでも爆発準備OKでピリピリした感じも見えないだろうから。しかしDon Cheadleって才能ある俳優だなぁー。

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