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 Antichrist (2009) by Lars von Trier

The wife becomes mentally unstable because of the loss of her child and her therapist husband tries to treat her. Things she does during the recovery process are so real, they could happen to anyone. There are beautiful abstract scenes besides those strong visuals that reminded me of Melancholia, it's the same director just as I expected.
This movie is probably on the top of my lifetime "disturbing" movie list. Super surreal depictions of sex and violence are simple enough to tell you what the theme of this movie is. It's almost like birth and death happens every 15 minutes.  8 / 10

久しぶりにガツンと一発食らっちゃいました!ある事がきっかけで精神疾患?になってしまった妻をセラピストの夫が治療しようとするストーリー。かなり刺激的な映像ばかりで、特に狂った妻が痛々しいったらありゃーしない!スローモな抽象的カットはメランコリアを連想させるなと思ったら案の定同じ監督でした。動物を使ったメッセージもかなり意味深で言葉に置き換えれば ”生と死” かな? 8 / 10

Valhalla Rising (2009) by Nicolas Winding Refn

Lots of killing, blood, and death but I personally liked the tension of this movie. "One Eye" is a mute slave of a clan that they use him for their colosseum-style fighting games. He eventually escapes from that situation but he doesn't escape from the struggle to survive with fear for death always close. The killing continues, which keeps the hierarchy right. I really dig his steely personality because I don't have it in me. For some reason, Christianity is a important factor in this movie as same as Antichrist and I didn't realize this mysterious similarity till I wrote this review...weird....  7 / 10

この漢な殺気と死を受け入れた生き方がカッコエー!常に恐怖に駆られて緊張しまくりの雰囲気も良いし、最後の終わり方も納得です。音も旨く使われていて、観始めから完全にもってかれちゃいました。そういえばこの映画のクリスチャンかどうかって部分は何故かアンチクライストと被ってるな、、、 7 / 10

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