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Beyond The Black Rainbow (2010) by Panos Cosmatos

It's categorized under "horror" but I don't think it's a horror movie. As an important factor, I suppose they wanted to make it look like an 80's movie, so the most of the beautiful sets that appear in this film are nostalgic as well as scientific, with abstract colors and music. I liked the simplicity of it, but would not work as a weekend "date night" movie.  7 / 10


Le Trou (1960) by Jacques Becker

To me it was shot in such a refined style that every single cut and dialogue felt so modern, I almost couldn't tell this was a 1960's movie. The main character, Roland, immediately caught my attention so I did a little research on him and he turned out to have a really interesting background story. According to wikipedia, The Director Jacques Becker didn't hire him as actor, but as a real jail breaker. No wonder his acting is super realistic! This one is indeed highly recommended as a weekend "date night" movie.  9 / 10

いやー見事なまでにオモロい映画を見つけてしまいました!早い話が、”ザ∙脱獄”ですが、この上のポスターの奥に立っている奴の演技が異常に素晴らしく、観始めから完全にもってかれちゃいました。面白い事に、このブログを書く為にリサーチをしたところ、彼は俳優として雇われたのではなく、モノホンの脱獄囚としてこの映画に協力出演したらしいです、、どうりで真に迫る演技?だった訳だ、、少し長めですが1960年に撮られたとは思えない、最初から最後まで一気に観られるスタイリッシュなデート用映画! 9/10

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