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I'm Still Here (2010) by Casey Affleck


I think its false imitated publicity was successful enough to deceive the media. In fact I think most people actually believed he was changing his career and becoming a rap artist. The way all the cast members act in the movie is pretty surreal as well, but overall I like the idea of long term hoax more than I like the actual movie.
Soul Kitchen (2009) by Fatih Akin

気取らずに単純に楽しめるコメディー。テンポも良いしBGMも最高。監督と主演のAdam Bousdoukosは小さい時から地元が一緒らしい。観た後に友達同士で映画を作りたくなった。

A simple comedy about saving a family-run restaurant. It has a nice tempo in the story and BGM is adequate as well. Fatih Atkin and the main cast Adam Bousdoukos are friends from early childhood and that made me want to shoot a low budget movie with friends.

Werckmeister Harmóniák (2000) Béla Tarr

監督の名前もタイトルもどう発音したら良いか分かりませんが、どうもJim Jarmuschが注目しているらしいので観てみた。セリフの少なさから出る緊張感みたいなものは似ていたけれど、共産主義国の映画の様な乾いた空気感は別物で新鮮です。ストーリー設定が謎でウケる。鯨から始まって戦争に終わるってどういう事なんでしょう?

I gave this Hungarian movie a try because I heard Jim Jarmusch liked it. I did find some similarities  between this movie and his, like tension oozing out of scriptlessness but its sorrowful mood which  I usually sense in movies from communist countries was something different from Jarmusch's style. I also liked the strange combination of events in the story. It begins with an whale and ends in war. Strange right?

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