2 races

2 races I've run recently.

Monster Track XI
Everyone did a group ride from Affinity in Brooklyn to Allen and Grand streets in Manhattan. Then it was the start of the race with the first manifest scattered up in the air. There was 10-12 check points written on 2nd and 3rd manifest and it was all over the manhattan up to the top of central park, and then down to Battery Park. Personally, this year's Monster Track wasn't impressive for me. It was just a chaotic, disorganized race. What was the point of the check point down at Fulton street and Water street where no one was waiting? I probably wasted a good 10 min. yelling "Check Point!! Check Point!!"and it was supposed to be a trap check point?!? After getting enough frightened looks from tourists there, I finished up the last check point Chari & Co.,then ran off to the finish at Canal street. As the final result, Alfred took 1st again and I think it was his fourth time to be the champ. He is always ahead of everything, I'm never be able to spot him on the same race.

I loved it. My first attempt. 20 laps around 2 blocks at Red Hook. There is a section that's all beefy cobblestone ground which this race is famous for. Every racer is under the chance of instantly having a flat tire at that section unless they have a nice pair of tires with high air pressure. I ended up getting a front flat at the LAST 1.5 lap and I think I was doing pretty well till then, staying with the 2nd group. I'm definitely in it for the revenge next year. I'm thinking of training more just for this race. Also It was surprising to me that there was so many press, which makes this race decent. Prizes and kisses from girls with a champagne blast as the award was also decent as a real cycling race.
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